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Mum Hacks: 1st Edition

Welcome to Mikro's monthly collection of parent-hacks – our specially curated, top five, genius hacks to simplify parenthood. Remember, we love to hear from you, so if you've come across or thought of an innovative parenting tip, feel free to reach out and share!
Solve the Sock Mystery
Socks go into the washing machine but somehow, they rarely come out in pairs. Do they slip into another dimension? Instead of pondering over the enigma of the missing socks, try this: place all socks in a pillowcase, secure it with a hair tie and toss it in the wash. When it's time to dry, throw the entire pillowcase in the dryer. The mystery of the disappearing socks, solved!
Chores for WiFi
Here's a genius way to ensure chores get done in 2023: change your WiFi password each morning and only reveal it once the chores are completed. You can prepare a daily task list that includes making their beds, tidying up rooms, or helping in the garden. The new WiFi password is their reward for a job well done.

Portable White Noise
If you have an iPhone with iOS 15, you can easily set up a built-in white noise feature to help your little one relax. Simply navigate to: Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual (under Hearing) > Background Sounds. You can select from several soothing sounds like balanced noise, bright noise, dark noise, ocean, rain, or stream. Free!
Shoe Direction Stickers
Help your children identify their left from right shoes with a simple trick. Cut a sticker in half and place each piece inside a shoe so when they match up, it forms a complete picture. Alternatively, write "L" or "R" on the soles with a permanent marker.

Image credit: Stikets 

Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board
Old wipe container tops can be repurposed into a fun and educational sensory board. Affix the flip tops onto a board and place different textures or colors beneath them. Your toddler will love this peek-a-boo game that stimulates their curiosity and sensory skills.
Image credit: Kidspot
Remember, we'll be back next month with another set of handy hacks. Enjoy parenting, enjoy the journey, and keep sharing your own tips with us!


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