Our Brand

Mikró, meaning Greek for "Little One" is the heart and soul of our company. For the moment our gang consists of three little ones between us. To know your little ones are meeting milestones on our product... well this just makes our hearts sing!

Initially Early childhood and Primary School Teachers, then mumma bears on leave, we set out to design play mats that were not only decor freindly, safe for bubs and the enironment but also had education in mind. We have eliminated primary coloured, busy designs from our collection purposefully. We believe concrete objects placed on the play mat should be the focal point for learning. It is a miscoception that alphabet play mats help children learn to read and write but rather are far too over stimulating, yes there is such a thing!

To learn a little more about our product and why they are so loved all around the world, keep reading HERE! 

Stacey & Kim xx