• Non –toxic
  • Toy standards approved
  • Reversible contemporary designs
  • Three sizes, Small 1m x 1.4m, Round1.4m diameter,  Large 2m x 1.4m
  • 1.5cm thick foam core
  • Durable, water and scratch resistant outer coating
  • Easy to clean surface, wipe away bacteria
  • Lightweight
  • Newborn comfort during tummy time
  • Supports growing knees and wrists
  • Absorbs impact of falls, trips and toys
  • Soft mat for play based learning
  • Perfect for the whole family


Did you know many of the play mats on the current market are full of nasty toxic chemicals such as Formamide, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Lead, heavy metals, VOCs and PVC? Yuck! Do we really want our bubs rolling around on these nasties!? Our mats have been tested against the strictest toy standards and MIKRO' Australia can proudly say we are certified non-toxic! 


Easy clean ... no way!! But it's true!! No need to wrestle with buttons, zips, washing machines or laundry basins. MIKRO' Australia couture mats are 100% wipeable. Of course we recommend a natural cleaner (so many beautiful no-nasty products on the market). A simple spray and wipe for any milk spills, vomit, glue, paint, food, the dreaded play dough or even poop, yep we said it! Just be sure to wipe over with a clean damp cloth after the use of a spray to ensure removal of residue.

MIKRO' Australia couture play mats have a thick outer coating for extra durability- no teeth marks or toy dents! Our mats feature a thick outer layer that repels spills from soaking into its cushioned core, making it ideal for not only everyday baby life but also arts and crafts with older kids! How fab would this be in your play room!?


Bumps, falls, gymnastics along the couch, flying toys... Sounds familiar doesn't it? Our MIKRO' couture mats have been designed with families in mind. With a 1.5cm thick foam core, they will be there for all the important milestones. From rolling through to walking and beyond. Wrestling matches with Dad or story time with Mum, the MIKRO’ play mat provides a cloud like surface for all ages.



Available in three convenient sizes- Small (1m x 1.4m), Round (1.4m in diameter) and Family (2m x 1.4m). Whether you are after the perfect play mat for a small space, larger for the playroom or living room, or a shape that is certain to create a wow factor, each size will compliment your home décor. All sizes are quick and easy to roll up, using our branded elastic straps. Making tummy time easy to check off at the gym, playgroup or grandparents house.


MIKRO’ Australia collaborated with fellow mums to determine what families really wanted out of a play mat. Some said it needed to blend with the existing décor. Others wanted a play mat that added character to their playrooms or nurseries without those over stimulating primary colours. So we decided to combine both and give you a reversible option. Why have one design when you can have two! Our designs are subtle, sophisticated and modern, what’s not to love! The only problem is which side you will choose.


 MIKRO' couture play mats are light making them easy to swiftly shift from room to room. Multitasking made just that tiny bit easier! Out the back for some gardening or in the study while you pay bills... move with one hand whilst baby is on the hip. A mat so durable, thick and cushioned, yet so light! A light mat for seriously heavy fun!


We can't wrap them in cotton wool forever but we can create safe learning environments whilst they are a million miles a minute. Our mats provide a super soft cloud like surface that increases comfort during tummy time; for the newborn, supports growing knees and wrists; for the crawler and absorbs impact; for the falling toddler. Beyond the early milestones these super soft mats are perfect for doing homework and reading stories. As teachers, we know that not all children like to work at a desk!