Alpha Puzzle

Puzzles are engaging activities for children to develop fine motor and problem solving skills.

Our Alpha Puzzle consists of twenty six, lower case letters of the alphabet, made of beautifully hand crafted beech wood. Each wooden letter from A-Z is large enough for a toddler to grasp and manipulate, practicing fine motor control and problem solving skills.

Invite your child to recognise each letter of the alphabet with our developmentally appropriate font, known as ‘ball and stick’. This print is predominantly adopted in Early Childhood and Lower Primary education, as it allows children to identify and form each letter with ease. 

Our Alpha Puzzle is of a high quality meaning it will be an heirloom for the next generation in your family.


Product Features

  • 26 letters of the Alphabet (a-z)
  • "Ball and Stick" Print
  • Non-Toxic, Durable
  • Solid, Natural Beech Wood
  • Toy Standards Approved 
  • Hand-eye coordination & Fine Motor Development
  • Problem Solving


 57cm by 16cm, 1.6cm thick.

Play Time Ideas

Use the giant letters in playdough as stamps!

Pair the empty letter board with sensory materials such as pom poms, balls, cooked spaghetti or beans and use tweezers (found in our Sensory Bin Tool Kit) to fill the letter imprints. The perfect fine motor Literacy learning experience. 

Our Teacher Tips

Introducing the letter sound and name, at an early age is great exposure. Whilst playing, incidentally voice these concepts. For example, ‘Oh, you have the letter ‘S’ it makes the sound ‘sss’ like snakes.

For older kids, pop the letters into a touch and feel bag. Without showing your child, choose a letter and describe it whilst holding it from inside the bag. For example,  ‘The letter I have in my hand has a straight back and a big round belly.’ Ask your child to guess what the letter could be then alternate roles. 


Please inspect your item on delivery, as damage must be reported on opening. All warranty claims require you to inspect your puzzle on delivery. 


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