Numeral Puzzle


Develop counting principles, number recognition, fine motor and problem solving skills with our Numeral puzzle. The board measures 25cm by 15cm and is 1.6cm in thickness. The numbers are a standard font and easily recognisable. 

The Natural Beech wood design is of the highest quality, making it a heirloom for the next generation in your family.



Use the giant numbers in playdough as stamps!

Pair the empty Number board with sensory materials such as pom poms, balls, cooked   spaghetti or beans and use tweezers (found in our Sensory Tray Tool Kit) to fill the number imprints. A great fine motor, Numeracy activity.



Introducing counting principals at any early age is fantastic exposure. One to One correspondence is a vital counting principal learnt in Early Childhood classrooms. Teach your child to touch one object at a time whilst counting out loud. The concept of one object holding one value is tricky! Often kids will count out loud faster then their fingers point, ending in an incorrect count. Use the wooden numbers with concrete materials for counting.

For older kids, pop the numbers into a touch and feel bag. Without showing your child, choose a number and describe it whilst holding it from inside the bag. For example,  ‘The number I have goes down half way, then has a big belly and on top, a hat.’ Ask your child to guess what the number could be then alternate roles. 


Enjoy Play and Learning with your Mikro’ (Greek for ‘Little One’)