What is ‘Messy Play’ ?

Messy Play is another word for Sensory Play. As teachers, we have a background in child development. We understand the importance of not only play, but also Sensory Play and its benefits.

Below are a few key pointers as to why we love our kids to get messy! 

  1. Sensory play helps to form neural connections in the brain. The network of connections built in your little ones brain is stimulated through exploratory play.
  2. Creativity- sensory materials spark imaginative processes.
  3. The senses ( taste, touch, hear, smell, sight ) that are stimulated during a learning task help with retaining and comprehending the activity.
  4. Engaging the senses calms and soothes irritable children. Especially at those tricky times of the day... bedtime!
  5. Language development, problem solving skills, cognitive function, fine motor and gross motor skills are fostered through sensory play.
  6. Scientific thinking is prompted while your child gets messy!