Construction Blocks


Blocks are an age old children's toy that evoke open ended play.

Spark curiosity and imagination with a set of 64, Natural Beech wood Construction Blocks. Our blocks are not only non-toxic but are also of a high quality, designed to be an heirloom and last the test of time. 
Say no to plastic and invest in an eco- friendly product instead.



Create inviting small worlds by introducing animal figures, cars or roads. Use paper and pencils to trace around the blocks, making shape pictures. 



Stacking objects into towers is a skill that encourages hand eye coordination and fine motor development. Encourage your little one to stack the blocks by following Educational theorist, Lev Vygotsky’s, Zone of Proximal Development, to scaffold your child’s learning. You can do this by; “I do” (demonstrate stacking), “we do” (stack blocks together, helping to centre and balance them), then finally, "you do” (child independently stacks).


For older children, discuss 3D shapes using language such as, corners, edges and faces to count the shapes attributes.